New Video Blog: Garabatos y Ruidos!

Despues de un arduo trabajo tecnico, paralelo a mis grabaciones, finalmente, los dejo con la primera edicion de “Garabatos y Ruidos”

Dejenme saber que les parece:


After a lot of hard work, trial and error, learning a new software, all while recording new music, here it is, my new video-blog, “Garabatos y Ruidos”.

Let me know what you think:

News, news, news!!


I know it is a little belated, but I still wanted to wish you all an amazing 2015!

As usual, I have got some news for you, regarding some of my projects for this year, and also some due for the end of this January.

Let’s start with some January goodness:

As some of you know, I worked on my first book, “Gaviotas de Papel”, with the remarkable Reina Castellanos and Daissy Linares. Their contribution, which focused on the visual aspect of my written poems, has made our book transcend. I am very proud and happy to announce that Gaviotas de Papel has been chosen as one of the pieces for 3×3 Illustration Annual No. 11!!


I am so glad of this recognition, which brings the spotlight to Reina Castellano’s work as an illustrator. Greatness!

On other news, as I promised, my surprise for the end of the month is the release of my single “Lobo”, which will tak place this Sunday, February 1st!

This is a song I wrote between projects and that I wanted to materialize to keep things interesting. I also want to mention that I had the opportunity of recording part of this single at the Melrose Center. With the help of Audio instructor Edson Alvarez, I was able to lay down some guitars and vocals.
The song was mixed and mastered by my good friends at The Spot Studio, who did a great job as always.


Now to the projects for this year…

Video Blog

Well, I have been seriously thinking about making a video blog, so that I may communicate more intimately with my audience. Not only that, but I would like this idea to provide me with a platform to share, not only my projects, but also some of the things that inspire me and affect me.
I want to create a way for me to share with you some books, ideas, concerns, music, movies, well, you get the idea. This way we can get to know each other on a more human level and blur the stage line between us.

Project “Vuelo al Sur”

I dedicated a good part of 2014 to my “Vuelo al sur” acoustic tour. Needless to say, the experiences and adventures that resulted from my daring pursuit, have inspired me on a level that replenished my creative reservoir, and has granted me the strength to “reinvent” the way I go about materializing new content for you all.
Thus, the “Vuelo al Sur” project was conceived.

I want to make at least one digital single release per month… that’s right ONE SINGLE A MONTH, if not two, granted my laborious nature. My purpose with this is to give emphasis to each song, while constantly releasing content for you guys. Moreover, all of these singles are part of a comprehensive work, which will hold the title of “Vuelo al Sur”. This will lead to a big release show, not only of the Vuelo al Sur album, but also my second book release and a revamped version of the “Àrbol de Luz” record.

I know this is a lot of info, but I promise plenty more details are to come. I am even thinking of a Kickstarter Campaign for a vinyl release for these records!

Well, I am giving away way too much here, so, no more news! =D

Anyways, as usual, thank you for all of your support and thank you for listening!

NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest Video

As usual, I have been working on some new stuff, and this time, I decided to take a go to NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Contest.

With the help of my brother Simon Mostafa, and the generosity of my friends, I was able to materialize this home-made rendition of Indigo, a song I wrote on December, and felt appropriate for the contest. Please check out the vid and let me know what you think.

Also, My new single “Lobo” will be released on late January, and will be the first on a series of singles I will be releasing leading up to an album release later this 2015.

It’s all for now, I leave you with Indigo:



Thank you for listening!

Unplugged Performance Video

Hello and happy holidays!

This is the present I have been working on: a little video playlist of our live performance recording at the Melrose Center. This was a great learning experience for the patrons assisting on audio and video!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of the wonderful people involved in the making of this, especially Kattya Graham, Mark J DeMaio and JJ Pattishall, you guys are wonderful!

Wishing you the best for this upcoming year, let it be full of light for all.



Once again, thank you for listening!