Ecos Fest: A New Platform for Independent Latinx Artists

Ecos Fest 2023

Orlando has a vibrant ecosystem of indie artists. However, these artists face a lack of equal access to support and platforms that celebrate artistic expression. Having to consistently shatter the belief that the work of independent artists has little or no value puts artists in a position where they struggle financially to sustain their efforts.

Ecos Fest is an initiative aiming to highlight and showcase Latinx independent artists, in an event that is accessible to the community. Ecos Fest wants to establish an artistic platform for the community, one that is open, inclusive, and that fairly compensates artists and performers for their work. This event will set the stage to showcase the people who weave the threads that bring our community together.

This 2023, the festival will take place on March 4th at City Arts, Orlando’s Downtown Arts District gallery, and is partnering with local organizations and businesses to offer a support system for participating artists. The festival will focus on four main artistic disciplines: music, dance, theatre, and visual art, bringing together a curated line-up of over a dozen independent Latinx artists.

Pre-sale tickets can be obtained online on Eventbrite for $5, or can be purchased at the door for $10.

Thank you to our sponsors: City Arts, Chispa Florida, Fusion Fest, Bynx Café, 1800 Bad Pain, Puro Clean, and Hope Community Center.

Event brought to you by Aether Music

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Ecos Fest 2023

Orlando tiene un vibrante ecosistema de artistas independientes. Sin embargo, estos artistas carecen de apoyo y plataformas que celebren la expresión artística. Tener que diariamente derrocar la creencia que el trabajo de artistas independientes tiene poco, o ningún valor, pone a estas personas en un jaque financiero que les dificulta y hasta impide continuar sus esfuerzos.

Ecos Fest es una iniciativa que busca enaltecer y dar una plataforma a artistas independientes Latinx, en un evento que sea accesible a la comunidad. Ecos Fest quiere establecer un canal de expresión para la comunidad que sea abierto, inclusivo, y que compense de manera justa a los artistas por su trabajo. Este evento quiere ser el espacio para la gente que teje los hilos que unen a nuestra comunidad.

Este 2023 el festival se llevará a cabo este 4 de Marzo en City Arts, la galería del Distrito de Arte del centro de Orlando, y trabajara conjunto a organizaciones y negocios locales para ofrecer un sistema de apoyo para los artistas participantes. El evento se enfocará en cuatro disciplinas artísticas que incluyen música, danza, teatro, y arte visual, trayendo una selección de más de una docena de artistas independientes Latinx. 

Los boletos de preventa se pueden obtener en Eventbrite por $5, o pueden ser adquiridos en la puerta el día del evento por $10. 

Queremos agradecer a nuestro patrocinadores: City Arts, Chispa Florida, Fusion Fest, Bynx Café, 1800 Bad Pain, Puro Clean, and Hope Community Center.

Este evento es traído a la comunidad por Aether Music.

Enlace para boletos:

Ecos Concert Series

Hello all!

I am happy to announce I will be holding a monthly concert series called ECOS at one of the coolest, raddest and newest venues in Orlando, Bynx Cafe. We have partnered to bring you awesome concerts and events every last Friday of the month, check out the promo video:

Tiny Desk Contest 2022 Entry


I wanted to share my entry for this year’s Tiny Desk Contest from NPR. This time around I was jamming with my good friend and professional cello player, Yamilet Trujillo. Additionally the videography was in charge of my good friend Andres García.

We performed “Vultures”, a new song I wrote specifically for this contest, and that is themed around risk and taking chances as in a gamble.

Here is the video, hope you enjoy it:

Return To The Stage: Immerse 2021

Coming back to the stage was something i thought about a lot during the pandemic. I certainly did not want to jump into it right away. For one, I felt it was unethical and irresponsible with myself and the audience. To ask people to come out and support a show amidst the uncertainty provoked by COVID-19 was something I did not want to live with.

But after nearly two years I decided to test the waters and sing at the stage of Immerse 2021. The accommodations and safety precautions provided by the Dr. Phillips Center Outdoor stage made me feel at ease and allow me to come back to doing what I love: sharing my music with the audience. I wanted to do something different for this year’s festival, so I got ready with the first song I wrote during lockdown, Pandemia, and joined forces with local dance group Bad Wolf Dance Collective to express and share the experience many of us had during the last two years.

I was able to collect documentation of our performance and you can see it here.

I would like to thank Creative City Project and Andres Garcia for providing this footage.