Discover the labor of love of The Wild Horse Rescue Center

Hello everyone!

As some of you may have seen on my recent social media posts, we have been working on some music videos for Vuelo al Sur.

As we were working on finding a location that would embody the spirit of the song, we were so lucky to run into The Wild Horse Rescue Center.

I leave you with this video we made for the center, so you can get a glimpse into their wonderful labor of love. A big shout out to Daniela Granadillo for her great work on this video!


Music for Coffee Project Documentary: La Palma y el Tucán


Hoy quiero compartirles este maravilloso documental que muestra un gran proyecto cafetero en Colombia, llamado La Palma y el Tucán. Este video, producido por Jimmy Sherfey, investiga profundamente la problemática y día a día de los agricultores cafeteros, quienes compiten en un mercado que se enfoca en los resultados monetarios y no en la calidad de producto que viene de la pasión y el amor de los artesanos del café.

Espero que disfruten este video y que puedan aprender unpoco más de la industria cafetera y de como pueden apoyar a los heroes responsables de ese grandioso café de sus mañanas: los agricultores cafeteros.

La música en este documental fue mi aporte, y fue hecho con todo mi cariño.

Gracias por escuchar



I want to share a wonderful documentary about a great Colombian coffee project called La Palma y el Tucán. This video, produced by Jimmy Sherfey, digs into the heart of the issues and day-to-day challenges that coffee growers face, as they search for a way to survive in a market that focuses on numbers and no longer on the quality that comes from the passion and love for the craft of coffee making.

I hope you can enjoy this video, and learn more about the coffee industry, and how you can support the true heroes of your morning coffee goodness: the coffee farmers.

The music on this video was made by yours truly with much love.

Thank you for listening



Subterránica Anuncia la Gira “Vuelo al Sur”

¡Hola, hola!

Les quiero compartir un artículo de Subterránica promocionando nuestros eventos en mi querida Bogotá. También quiero agradecer a mis amigos de Haven Music Entertainment y Rock Machine or su apoyo en esta Gira por Colombia.

Hagan click aquí para leer el artículo.



Just wanted to share an article by Subterránica promoting our tour dates in my hometown of Bogotá. I would also like to thank my friends of Haven Music Entertainment and Rock Machine for their support in this tour.

Click here to read the article.

Melrose Center Podcast: The Boundaries of Music & Composition

Hello guys!

I have been participating in the Podcast series taking place at the Melrose Center, and this time we had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing two wonderful people involved in the Orlando classical avant-garde music scene. Here is a description of the podcast:

“In this episode we explore the definition of music and composition. We discuss how these boundaries are being pushed in Orlando and the truly unique roll the Timucua Arts Foundation is playing in creating an excellent community for our local music scene. Our Special guests: Christopher Belt, Executive Director of the Timucua Arts Foundation and Jeremy Adams a local Orlando composer and musician.” – Chase Steele.

This topic is very close to my heart, not only because I am a songwriter, but also because I have always believed and supported the mission of the Timucua Arts Foundation.


You can listen to our discussion in the Orlando Audio Podcast Episode 3.



Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!