1st Music Video from Vuelo al Sur, bran new album by Leo Æther

Prayer (Rezo)

My mistakes weigh on me as I walk my path,
the steps I dare not to take, also weigh on my heart.
Stories of people dying of hunger, fighting to survive
Macabre tales of war and greed trouble my mind.
As I open my eyes and feel the morning, you are not by my side
And I wish my voice could reach you… yet you’re so far
When my lips forget to speak, I feel a burning seal
day after day I long for you as time passes by…
I walk, a lost wolf in the city
howling to the moon, yearning for freedom
pleading to the night shadows for the traces in your eyes
to find you somewhere at the end of this world captive
Stars born from the sky: don’t ever die
Paths born from my steps: allow me to walk
Let the Silver Dame be my light amidst the dark
Allow me to keep my soul despite the struggle.