WPRK Performance!


This week I had a an interview @ WPRK 91.5FM in the Rock en Español USA show, hosted by Eric Jovet and Meche Ausina, to talk about Urbe Prima’s new single, “Paredes de Fuego”. I want to give a big THANK YOU to the station and the show hosts for always giving independent music a channel of diffusion.

Here is a video of my performance in the station:



Radio Interviews!

Hello all!!

First of all, I wanted to thank you so much for all of your support this week! For those of you who don’t know yet, I released the 1st single of my album “Laberintos”, titled “Paredes de Fuego”, which you can download for free by clicking here, and I must say I feel very honored with the response from the audience; you guys are awesome!

Now, I wanted to let you know that I will be @ Rollins College Radio Station in two occasions to talk about the single and the upcoming album. The 1st interview will take place this Thursday, February 14th sometime between 7pm to 11pm in the Rock en Español USA show, with hosts Eric Jovet and Meche Ausina. The 2nd interview will be on Friday, February 15th,  between 8am to 10am in the Mezzu’ Maré Dispatch show, with host Jj Pattishall.

To catch these, just tune in to WPRK 91.5FM, or simply go to www.wprkdj.org to listen online.

Once again, thanks for listening and for your support!


“Nativos de la Florida Central, Urbe Prima es una banda muy importante en la escena de la musica alternativa. Esta banda presenta letras que trascienden desde lo mas sencillo y poetico hasta lo politico y filosofico… Al escuchar canciones como “Contrareloj” o “Q mas me da”, te puedes remontar a un tiempo donde se escuchaban canciones como “Fire” (de Jimmi Hendrix) en la radio.”

BOOM Magazine – July 2009

“Desde el lanzamiento de su primer

album “Torpes Intentos De Libertad”

en Julio del 2008, Urbeprima ha pasado

por una fuerte metamorfosis, mientras

se convierte en el catalizador de la

union entre las bandas “underground”

de Rock Alternativo en Español en la


CD Review: Urbe Prima – Torpes intentos de Libertad

“Urbe Prima wants to put Orlando in the map with this self produced album that shows the band’s heavy bluesyrock influence, honestly dark lyrics and 90’s grunge sound rendition, all en Español! Urbe Prima’s music is driven by Leo Linares’ confident vocals with a theatrical Enrique Bunbury feel, and sad and melancholic lyrics that emphasize sentimental struggles of all sorts… I personally got a chance to catch them live down in Miami recently and can tell you this guys deserve all the support for their hard work. Well done Urbe!”

By Kid Bomba (Fabrikalink.com) October 03, 2009