CD Review: Urbe Prima – Torpes intentos de Libertad

“Urbe Prima wants to put Orlando in the map with this self produced album that shows the band’s heavy bluesyrock influence, honestly dark lyrics and 90’s grunge sound rendition, all en Español! Urbe Prima’s music is driven by Leo Linares’ confident vocals with a theatrical Enrique Bunbury feel, and sad and melancholic lyrics that emphasize sentimental struggles of all sorts… I personally got a chance to catch them live down in Miami recently and can tell you this guys deserve all the support for their hard work. Well done Urbe!”

By Kid Bomba ( October 03, 2009

Artist of the Week: Urbe Prima – Official Rock For Hunger Blog

“Urbe Prima just might be the first Spanish band featured on this blog… one would argue that such a feat is a completely separate and noteworthy honor altogether… Leo, the band’s frontman has been taking part in RFH events for over a year now… Even without the band behind him, you could easily identify with his songwriting and knack for song construction.”

By Logan