Árbol de Luz & Gaviotas de Papel Album/Book Release!

We are having a double release party this December 20th!!!

After months of work, I am proud to announce the release of my first collaborative literary project—Gaviotas de Papel! This is a book of poems written by  yours truly, Leo Aether (Urbe Prima), illustrated by Reina Castellanos and designed by Daissy Linares.

The same night, I will also be releasing my 3rd studio album: Árbol De Luz. This is a raw, minimalistic acoustic production focused on songwriting, put together with the invaluable help of Tacatantán Record’s producer Abdías Ernesto García.

We look forward to share our experience working together, as we deliver readings from the Gaviotas de Papel, and brand new music from Árbol de Luz, with special guests Kattya Graham and Jj Pattishall

This is a free event put together just for you @ Stardust Coffee @ 9:00 PM.

Hope we can see you all there!

Urbe Prima @ Demo Estereo en Radiónica

El próximo domingo 8 de septiembre a las 5:00pm (Hora de Colombia) 6:00pm (Hora del Este – USA), en la nueva emisión de Demo Estéreo, la emisora más importante de música alternativa en Colombia, Radiónica, estará programando música de Urbe Prima.

Después de haber tenido el privilegio de sonar y ser entrevistado en la emisora de la Universidad Distrital, LAUD, ahora tengo la oportunidad de mostrar la música de Urbe Prima en la frecuencia que esta alerta al latir de la música independiente alternativa, Radiónica. Esta demás expresar cuan honrado y contento me siento de cabalgar las ondas sonoras de mi ciudad natal atraves de este medio.

Esta edición de Demo Estéreo trae música de varios artistas emergentes, tales como Ana Osorio, Capitán Venganza, Gustavo Garcés, Urbe Prima, Magdalena Music y Florencia Park.

La sesión será emitida en línea en www.senalradionica.gov.co , al igual que en la radio: Bogotá 99.1 fm, Medellín 99.9 fm, Cali 94.5 fm, Cartagena 91.1 fm … Barranquilla, Santa Marta y Riohacha 95.1 fm-

Espero que puedan sintonizar y apoyar el talento emergente independiente alternativo.

Gracias a Radiónica por su gran trabajo y ética, y un gran saludo a Ivan Dario Samudio Hernandez, productor de #DemoEstereo

Más noticias vienen pronto!

Leo Aether @ Timucua


Hey guys, here is some video footage of a few songs in my last performance at The Timucua Arts White House. Here you will see a piano version of “Cuando Decimos Adiós”, as well as a tribute performance with much love and respect of “Juancito Caminador”, a song inspired by the poem of Argentinian Raúl González Tuñón. I learnt this beautiful song from an interpretation by La Negra Grande, Mercedes Sosa.

Big thanks to Benoit Glazer for putting this vid together!




Thank you for listening!!

Leo Aether & Reina Castellanos @ WPRK


After a week filled with amazing energy, which culminated in an unforgettable show at The Timucua Arts White House, all I can say is thank you! It was a true honor sharing with the audience as always, especially in the incredible environment that materializes at the White House.

A thousand thank you’s to Benoit Glazer for his momentous contribution to Orlando’s culture and its community as well as for giving me the opportunity of taking Urbe Prima’s music to Timucua’s incomparable stage.

Last night’s show was video-documented, so I will be posting some great footage of this show pretty soon. In the mean time, I will leave you with footage of Urbe Prima’s and Reina Catellanos‘ interview @ WPRK 91.5 FM at Rollins College, by Jj Pattishall in his amazing show the Mezzu Mare Dispatch.

Hope you have a week full of goodness, and as always, thanks for listening!