Contributing to Orlando’s Creative Community: #MelroseintheMix


As some of you know, I spend some of my time contributing to the community via education, workshops and events. I do some of my instruction at Orlando’s Melrose Center.

There, I have been able to contribute not only by sharing my audio knowledge with learners, but also am in charge and run two successful events, these being #TheVoiceofMelrose Open Mic, and the #MelroseintheMix Live Recording Sessions.

I wanted to take the opportunity of sharing a little bit of the latter, an idea I put together and has been really successful and encouraging for everyone in the community.

In these live recording sessions we have the artist perform a 4-6 song set of their music live in the studio, while the local audience enjoys this intimate show. We capture the live performance and then give the artist the raw tracks of the recording for them to utilize. Additionally, patrons of the library who have been following the audio program and have the appropriate credentials can sign up to be assistant engineers for the session. To learn more sign-up as audience for this sessions, CLICK HERE.

I leave you with the 1st live recording session we did for the performance of the Swamp Sistas Songwriting Circle, where my dear friend Ka Malinalli performs, along with other artists of the caliber of E-Turn and Beth Mckee, leader of the Circle.